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By Glenda | February 20, 2009

Today at Earthsprings

Spring is on the way…

By Glenda | February 20, 2009

Herodotus’ view of gods and fate

Michael Grant, in his study The Ancient Historians, speaks of Herodotus’ remark that no nation knows more about religion than any other. Grant writes: “He believed, that is to say, in a heavenly power that is common to all humanity. And, like the Ionian scientist Anaximander before him, he describes such a power by a […]

By Glenda | February 5, 2009

President Obama Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast

Remarks of President Barack Obama National Prayer Breakfast Thursday, February 5th, 2009 Washington, DC Good morning. I want to thank the Co-Chairs of this breakfast, Representatives Heath Shuler and Vernon Ehlers. I’d also like to thank Tony Blair for coming today, as well as our Vice President, Joe Biden, members of my Cabinet, members of […]

By Glenda | February 5, 2009

Thomas Jefferson writes about Jesus

“I have promised to write someday about my views…This view would purposely omit the question of his divinity and even his inspiration.  To do him justice, it would be necessary to remark the disadvantages his doctrines have to encounter, not having been committed to writing by himself, but by the most unlettered of men, by […]

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