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By Glenda | December 17, 2012

After Newtown

The shortest verse in the Christian Bible is “Jesus wept.” He wept when his friend died, just as all of us, even our president, in the past few days have wept for the loss of life in Newtown, Connecticut. After Jesus wept, though, the Bible tells us, he acted to change the circumstances concerning his […]

By Glenda | December 13, 2012

Each and All

The coldest night of the year. Awakened in the early morning by a red cardinal pecking on the window, I stir finally out of the warm nest of my bedcovers. When I look out the window, a glittering clear frost covers everything. Wrapped in a thick red robe (that new fabric that is so deliciously […]

By Glenda | December 11, 2012

Make this world a better place

“Playing For Change” is indeed making this world a better place…Enjoy this new offering and support the message!

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