After Absence

By Glenda | July 8, 2017

You have received more love than mail lately from me.  For good reason, I assure you.

I was told by the eye doctor that the “narrow angles” of something in my eyes would threaten blindness if I did not have surgery immediately.  So I did!  The doctor wanted me to rest and rest my eyes, so I stayed off the computer.

Meanwhile, I thought about narrow angle vision.  Wow!  Metaphors abound.  Having too narrow an angle or perspective, in the broadest sense, also means blindness.  How much that resonantes with my sense of what is going on in the world today!  Narrow viewpoints are the norm these days, it seems to me, even among the best of us.

So in my quiet “resting,” I have been contemplating how my new implanted lenses will give me a broader vision, a broader perspective, and I have been trying to imagine what that means and how it might be brought to bear on my place in the world I so love.

I assure you that you are a part of that much loved world.  I promise to be back, full-tilt, on this website more frequently now that my “narrow angles” have been corrected.

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