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By Glenda | April 23, 2013

And furthermore, to lighten up…

I hope you read my last post I just put up there “Complexity.” Serious as it was, it was, I think, important, so if you haven’t read “Complexity,” read it first, and then have a go at this. Here is a perfect balancing act, right to the point, that I think will make your day, […]

By Glenda | April 23, 2013


While quietly weeding my garden today, I had time to reflect on the variety of comments I have heard this week in reference to the two men who caused such tragic destruction in Boston last week. On the one hand, there were students and friends and neighbors of the bombers, people who knew them and […]

By Glenda | April 18, 2013

This Week of Weeks

My dearly beloved friends and family, Like you, I am sure, this week, including as it has the events in Boston, Washington, and now the small town of West in Texas, and also the places where storms may ravage our countryside and our cities, this week has sent me into a deep and quiet place […]

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