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By Glenda | August 31, 2011
By Glenda | August 26, 2011

Wisdom From A Dream

Wow! Hang on, folks, what a year, right? Are you crisis weary? I have been, for some time now. Getting up early each day to water what few trees and plants my water hose will reach, with one eye toward water conservation and the other toward my responsibility to those things I had previously planted…watching […]

By Glenda | August 8, 2011


This is too wonderful! In publishing the post below, the one called “A Way Forward,” an item on a list in the post involves “a sense of humor.” Well, somehow, (HOW?) the post now appears with a little smiley face next to that item! I didn’t put it there, I don’t know how to put […]

By Glenda | August 8, 2011

A Way Forward

“The way forward…” An expression we’ve heard frequently on television this week, spoken tentatively, as pundits, professionals, and politicians, like all the rest of us, grapple with the uncertainty of the present moment in our national history. A few days ago, I happened across some notes I had made years ago in preparation for a […]

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