By Glenda | July 25, 2017

Dances of Universal Peace

Four days in Southwestern Colorado with about sixty other people, chanting, praying, singing and dancing the Dances of Universal Peace, has reminded me of many things I hold dear, all of you among them. I have held you in my heart often as I opened myself to the mysterious expansion of consciousness that occurs when […]

By Glenda | April 11, 2011

Morning prayers

Rising sun and a gentle breeze, a yellow and bronze dew-kissed iris, Celtic, the rustle of new green, soft, in sturdy oaks, scent of honeysuckle from the laden fence, a night-fallen carpet of rose petals, red, that only cat’s feet can tread gingerly enough, scatter of bird sounds, a double handful of plump strawberries ripe […]

By Glenda | April 14, 2010

Another simple miracle

I did not plan for it to happen.  I hadn’t even thought about it, ever.  I was simply out for my morning prayer walk:  “Good morning, Father Sun, thank you for another day of life.  Good morning, Auntie Moon, thank you for another night of peace.  Good morning, Mother Earth, thank you for your beauty […]

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