By Glenda | May 24, 2010

Creative Recovery

When hurricane Ike ripped through Galveston, it killed more than 40,000 trees, including the magnificent stately old oaks on the main boulevard.  As those of us who love Galveston grieved this loss and the recovery got underway, the city was finally able to pay contractors to cut and remove the dead trees, leaving all those […]

By Glenda | April 14, 2010

Another simple miracle

I did not plan for it to happen.  I hadn’t even thought about it, ever.  I was simply out for my morning prayer walk:  “Good morning, Father Sun, thank you for another day of life.  Good morning, Auntie Moon, thank you for another night of peace.  Good morning, Mother Earth, thank you for your beauty […]

By Glenda | September 4, 2009

So I Hear

Held together by a shoestring. Mama’s expression. String’s frayed. Or duck tape. Coming unglued. Hanging by a thread. Unraveling. Over an abyss. Don’t look now. It’s a war zone. All too much. Everybody, it seems, is having themselves a nervous breakdown. A collective short circuit’s going on. Sparks flying. Metaphysical explanations everywhere you turn, but […]

By Glenda | June 5, 2009

An Incomparable Earthsprings Moment

Mostly I experience, absorb, wonder, and move on. Sometimes I just have to share… Many of you have been to Earthsprings and know the folks who live here, like Tux the tomcat, for example. Some of you haven’t been to Earthsprings, so let me fill you in. Several years ago Tux came up out of […]

By Glenda | March 8, 2009

What We Assume

It wasn’t the raccoon, as I thought. It was the old black crow who turned over the cats’ metal bowls I had moved way out to the picnic table to escape the hissing ‘possom that otherwise terrorizes the kitchen doorway at night. Things are seldom what we assume. This morning I walked in stars, millions […]

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