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By Glenda | May 28, 2010

Our grandmothers

I received this on email, and because it has long been important to me, I post it here that we may all (women and men) remember that our freedoms, including the freedom of religion, may never be taken for granted, and that prejudiced or biased groups always exist.   Here is the email being circulated […]

By Glenda | May 24, 2010

Creative Recovery

When hurricane Ike ripped through Galveston, it killed more than 40,000 trees, including the magnificent stately old oaks on the main boulevard.  As those of us who love Galveston grieved this loss and the recovery got underway, the city was finally able to pay contractors to cut and remove the dead trees, leaving all those […]

By Glenda | May 9, 2010


On this day set aside to honor mothers, I want to add my gratitude and congratulations to all those who Mother the world…not only their biological children.  Mothering is an incredible skill, one that requires, I think, every positive attribute one can dream up:  not only creativity, but also patience, foresight, courage, stamina, a willingness […]

By Glenda | May 4, 2010

David Weber’s Wise Words

This message was forwarded to me by Carol Henderson in Fort Worth.  David Weber is a minister in Jacksboro, Tx.  I have shortened it slightly (forgive me David) but I think you will find it to be very worthy of your time to read. I am old enough to remember, as an eighth grader, being […]

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