By Glenda | April 23, 2013


While quietly weeding my garden today, I had time to reflect on the variety of comments I have heard this week in reference to the two men who caused such tragic destruction in Boston last week. On the one hand, there were students and friends and neighbors of the bombers, people who knew them and […]

By Glenda | March 14, 2009

Karen Armstrong on Compassion

I highly recommend last night’s discussion on PBS between Bill Moyers and Karen Armstrong, author of numerous books on a variety of world religions, as they discuss Compassion, which Armstrong says is the touchstone of all religions and the key to solving so many of the controversies in the world today. She references ancient as […]

By Glenda | July 4, 2007

Anne Morrow Lindberg Quote

“Just how far can we implement this planetal awareness? We are asked today to feel compassionately for everyone in the world; to digest intellectually all the information spread out in public print; and to implement in action every ethical impulse aroused by our hearts and minds. The inter-relatedness of the world links us constantly with […]

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