Paradox and Wonder

By Glenda | September 22, 2010

Oh, this most amazing day,
a day of paradox and wonder,
of depression and delight,
when wild grapes fall into my hands
and hawks sail overhead,
when butterflies of every size and hue
and bees and hummingbirds too
celebrate color, so that little wings
carry joy with pollen, and
beauty, abundance, and pleasure
are everywhere at hand,
even as, at once, elsewhere,
improvised bombs and drones
will shower incandescent death,.
Tornado, flood, hurricane,
fire, volcano, and oil spill,
this day, add dimension and dismay,
while, even so, babies are being born,
and artists and poets are at play.
Soldiers, statesmen, comedians,
and fear mongers alike
do what they do, loved
by those who love them,
hated by many others,
all in the cacophony of this day.
Yes, this is a day when
the tumbled tower of Babel
stands up by its own effort,
so that right hates left
and light mistrusts dark
and Cain and Abel
and Israel and Ishmael
replay the ancient drama
of division and missed connection.
Yet even so, unlike at any other time
in history, using this small machine,
I can communicate with people
I don’t even know, everywhere
and anywhere in the world,
instantly, and profoundly
finding common ground.
Paradox and wonder,
in this most amazing day.

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