Love’s Calm

By Glenda | March 11, 2011

Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary General of the UN in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, kept a journal, published posthumously as Markings. He was faced, personally and professionally, with so many calamities that I looked this morning at his published words for comfort and courage, prayerful as I am after the news of last night’s earthquake and tsunami that have effected so many people and places.

At such a time, I simply sit, in silence, and send Love, Love to all, to everyone and everything.

Then I go to find comfort and guidance in words like Hammarskjold’s. So here are quotes from Markings:

“You wake from dreams of doom and–for a moment–you know: beyond all the noise and the gestures, the only real thing, love’s calm unwavering flame in the half-light of an early dawn.”

“Tired and lonely, so tired the heart aches. Meltwater trickles down the rocks, the fingers are numb, the knees tremble. It is now, now, that you must not give in…”

“…Thou Whom I do not know but Whose I am. Thou Whom I do not comprehend but Who has dedicated me to my fate. Thou–”

“The unheard of–to be in the hands of God.”

“Without our being aware of it, our fingers are so guided that a pattern is created when the thread gets caught in the web.”

Such words as these remind me that, many times over, the precious Earth has shuddered and risen up and flooded over our illusions of reality.

We live by grace and in grace, and, may it be, we ARE grace! Living and dying, transcending and transforming, we are, without doubt, only and always, Love and Loved. May we all be part of “Love’s unwavering flame” in this time of stress and disaster. May we do all that we can, including keeping a place of calm and beauty and peace, sending it out to all, everywhere, in humility and humanity, to balance the otherwise overwhelming disturbances occurring daily in the world.

My love and prayers to all.

Glenda Taylor

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  1. Dawn Warren - 03/18/2011 at 8:20 am

    “We live by grace and in grace, and, may it be, we ARE grace!” I’ve held onto this incredibly powerful sentence all week, using it as a mantra and a prayer. Thank you!

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