Prayer for the Warriors

By Glenda | May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011. As we remember the warriors of all ages, we honor prayerfully those who struggle for peace. We acknowledge the fierce demands of the battles that rage in the external world as well as those that sound within the very hearts and minds of each individual. We are aware that no one else (other than the person that is presently experiencing it) can ever realize the incredible, unique intensity of any aspect of war, and we pray for the healing of the memories of each warrior and each person caught up in war. For the sacrifices of those who have gone to battle and those who have been left behind, we pray for redemptive time and love to heal. We pray for peace on earth and in the hearts of us all, that battles may end, that the warriors be finally able to come home in safety and sanity with honor and dignity in a world at peace.

The following are the words to a beautiful prayer song recorded in 1994 on the album Return (Sophia/Hidden Waters Sound).

With mercy and compassion, beloved Kwan Yin,
Melt away this anger and let me love again.
Melt away this fear and let us love again.
May the warriors find peace within.
Let the wars of the nations end.
May the warriors find peace within.
May the healing of the earth begin.
Let the healing of the earth begin.

May it be so.

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