A comment on fear, attributed to Native American Dragging Canoe

By Glenda | October 24, 2011

“Wisdom tells us to get out of harm’s way at times, but it never tells us to weep with fear.  Once we turn to face it, a quiet determined strength pours in to end the terror.  Fear is terrorism.  It is not running from it that cripples us but refusing to call it what it is.  When fear takes over it flows through all our thinking…Faith will grow when we charge it with determination and powerful words…Turn around right where you are and faced the frightening situation.  Don’t waver and doge.  Look the problem in the eye and call it nothing.  Speak to it in definitive words so that there is no doubt that it must go!”

Dragging Canoe,  chief of the Lower Cherokee from 1777 until his death in 1792, was a pre-eminent war leader among the Indians of the Southeast of his time.

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