Giving Thanks

By Glenda | November 22, 2012

On this day, as on all days, I give thanks especially for you, each and all of you, whose lives, love, and good works mean so much in this needy world.

This Thanksgiving I am reminded, yet again, of how important it is to pause to give thanks. That pause in the hurley burley of life, when our attention is drawn this way and that, by this crisis or opportunity, by this demand or that creative impulse–that pause, that time-out, when we literally transcend time as well as space, when we in our gratitude remember the vast universe of connections that make our lives even possible–that is so essential.

So, even as Black Friday creeps into Turkey Thursday, as Christmas decorations appear in October, and some of us are still trying to sort out the deeper resonances of the Fourth of July, I hope each of you has an opportunity today to really pause, to give and receive thanks, and to experience the blessing that comes from awareness of the eternal gifts of Life itself.

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