All Honor

By Glenda | December 10, 2013

I clearly remember the day, watching as I was the television, tears streaming down my face, when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison after 27 years of confinement, hard labor, and suffering in South Africa. It was a moment of the victory of goodness in a world always awash in misery. But it was what happened afterward, when under his leadership the Reconciliation Movement occurred, bringing together what had been deadly enemies, and creating not only peace but forgiveness, tolerance, and freedom to all sorts of people in South Africa, that we truly learned the depths of this good man’s character. Recently he brought together wold “Elders” to continue his work, among them Archbishop Tutu and many others, including our own Jimmy Carter. Here is a brief video from The Elders, well worth viewing. All Honor to Nelson Mandela, An Elder to Elders!

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