Common Ground

By Glenda | October 1, 2014

Common Ground:
“Stay away from those who consider themselves to be learned.  They walk around in fine clothes and like to be noticed so that they might be honored in public.  They take seats of honor in synagogues, and at feasts.  These hypocrites steal from widows even as they repeat long prayers. The judgment that comes upon them will be great. ” Christian. Gospel of Mark.

“Those who perform spiritual practices in public so that they will be noticed and praised with honor and respect are unbalanced; their ostentation will come to nothing.” Hindu. The Bhagavad Gita

“Monks who seek recognition in order to gain influence and admiration, and monks who overwhelm others by insisting on their own point of view, only increase pride and passion.” Buddhism. The Kevaddha Sutra.
“Follow the Way; but boasting and seeking recognition is not of the Way. One who is arrogant has already failed. There is no reward for those who are conceited, and no one can become a true leader by puffing themselves up.” Taoism. The Tao Te Ching.

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