Summer Hibernation

By Glenda | August 13, 2013

Summer heat. Here in Texas, the seasons seem reversed from northern climates where people and animals hibernate in winter, while in southern regions with 100 degree temperatures, we hibernate in summer. In traditional native cultures, the season of hibernation was the time when folks sat around the hearth fire and shared “teaching stories,” including the history of the tribe, stories of the ancestors, stories revealing practical and spiritual advice; stories for entertainment. Today, when I’m shut in from the intense heat, I’ve noticed a hunger in myself, for my own “tribe” to be gathered round, sharing wisdom and laughter and joy. So I find myself reaching out to you in this modern-age manner, with greetings and love.
Here is a wisdom story, from a collection called Unpopular Wisdom quoted in The Artful Universe:

“Arguments against new ideas generally pass through three distinct stages, from ‘It’s not true,’ to ‘Well, it may be true, but it’s not important,’ to ‘It’s true and it’s important, but it’s not new—we knew it all along.’

I hope you are keeping your bit of light-hearted sense of proportion in these days of heat, and I hope you take time for a little hibernation.

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