Must See, Must Read, Sheila’s Book

By Glenda | August 17, 2013

Our dear friend Sheila Collins’ book Warrior Mother is now available. It is spellbinding to read. Those of us who have walked with her through these many years will find ourselves moved yet again by her courage, now shown in writing through her grief to show others the many ways to be with whatever comes our way and make of it something sacred and creative. Watch this, and buy her book.

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  1. Beverly Worley - 11/5/2013 at 10:25 pm

    Read it and Sheila’s book Warrior Mother is truly inspiring in hearing and walking the unbearable path with feeling and Grace. I am privileged to know and love Sheila and her family . Her ability to capture and express how to survive loss will help everyone who reads this book deal with suffering that is presented to each of us during our lifetimes. Thank you Sheila Again and Again.

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